Stimulating innovation and creativity

This 2-day workshop will help you to create the conditions for your team to be innovative and creative, and help you to re-ignite the motivation to challenge the status-quo and encourage risk-taking and experimentation.


“A strong corporate culture is the invisible hand which guides how things are done in an organisation. The phrase, ‘you just can’t do that here,’ is extremely powerful: more so than written rules or policy manuals.”

Andrew S Grove, former CEO, Intel

Key topics
  • Encouragement of creativity – organisational encouragement, supervisory encouragement and work group support.
  • Leading by example – demonstrating creative thinking and prompting innovation.
  • Organisational impediments to creativity and overcoming obstacles.
  • Facilitating creative thinking.
  • Balancing risk-taking with business-as-usual.
  • Innovative team roles – how each personality type can contribute to innovation.
  • Formal innovation management processes – their purpose, pros and cons.
  • How other companies do it – case studies from the likes of Google, Dyson, Lego and others.
  • The relationship between innovation, continuous improvement, creativity and risk taking.
Programme duration

A 2-day workshop.

Who should attend

Managers and leaders responsible for developing business, products and services.


On completion of this programme, participants will have:

  • Identified their own behaviours and attitudes which encourage or block creativity and innovation.
  • Acquired new creative thinking techniques to share with their team.
  • Identified their own level of risk-aversion and put appropriate actions into place.
  • Created plans for changes at work which will release and enhance innovation.
  • Considered processes which may help to capture and foster brilliant ideas.

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