Performance management

Effective performance management comes from a clear understanding of motivations and behaviours, and from having established and agreed clear performance expectations.


“Instead of setting numerical quotas, management should work on improving the process.”

W. Edwards Deming

Our 2 days Performance Management Training Course is delivered in two parts:

Day 1 focuses on performance management processes and

Day 2 focuses on the behaviour and skills required to be a highly effective manager of performance. Delegates on the programme will also have the benefit of working with actors to finely hone their skills in managing challenging conversations.

Key topics
  • Defining the excellent performance manager.
  • Goals, objective and targets and their effect on performance.
  • Disciplinary and capability processes.
  • Induction, probation.
  • Appraisals and performance reviews.
  • Absence management.
  • Legal frameworks and constraints.
  • Layers of interference.
  • Effective communication in performance management- a coaching approach.
  • Values, motivation, engagement.
  • Feedback.
  • Challenging Conversations.
Programme duration

The Programme is normally delivered as a 2 day workshop.

Programme content

Our Performance Management Training Course is aimed at:

  • All managers who have a performance management remit.
  • Management at all levels.


On completion of this Performance Management Training Course, delegates will:

  • Have experienced challenging performance-related conversations, and be able to repeat those conversations at work (via simulated work with actors).
  • Understand what an excellent performance manager knows, thinks and does.
  • Understand how to work with a company’s procedures.
  • Understand the legal background and constraints.
  • Understand the context and best practice for agreeing and monitoring objectives.
  • Discover how best to motivate different personality types.
  • Experience how to best frame effective feedback.
  • Understand the purpose and best practice in holding various types of performance interviews.

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