Managing and developing talent

‘Talent management’ is a generic term for managing top performers for the benefit of your team and for the wider organisation. Managing and developing talent effectively is part of the portfolio of management responsibilities. This one day workshop introduces you to the organisation’s talent management strategy and helps you to identify, manage and motivate top talent.


“A strong corporate culture is the invisible hand which guides how things are done in an organisation. The phrase, ‘you just can’t do that here,’ is extremely powerful: more so than written rules or policy manuals.”

Andrew S Grove, former CEO, Intel

Key topics
  • Developing your talent – to meet organisational and individual needs.
  • Managing your talent – active steps taken to retain and engage talent.
  • Succession planning – identifying and developing internal talent pools for key/critical.
  • Evaluating your talent – high level and individual evaluations.
  • Retaining your talent – identifying ways to help improve retention of your talent.
  • Attracting talent – what makes your department attractive.
  • Motivating talent – keeping talented individuals contributing to innovation and productivity.
  • Leadership challenges – identify barriers to managing talent proactively.
  • The organisation’s talent management strategy and working to fulfill its aims.
Programme duration

A 1-day workshop.

Who should attend

Managers and leaders responsible for teams.

  • Recognise the business case for talent management and succession planning.
  • Identify the need to have talent management integrated into the business.
  • Recognise the key steps required to implement talent management.
  • Draw up an action plan to address your talent management needs.

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