Managing a matrix structure

This is a one day programme designed for experienced managers, who now need to put their management skills into the context of working within a matrix structure.


“Instead of setting numerical quotas, management should work on improving the process.”

W. Edwards Deming

Key topics
  • Understanding matrix structures – accessibility of speciality, flexibility of resources and intra-team communication.
  • Types of matrix – balanced, functional, project.
  • Challenges in matrix structures – role and authority ambiguity, performance management challenges.
  • Key skills required for matrix management – performance management, coaching, influencing, planning and resource management.
  • Conditions for success – sharing resources, project management, collaboration, conflict management.
Programme duration

A 1-day training programme.

Who should attend

Managers new to matrix structures, or those who have been working in a matrix for some time and require help with the challenges.


On completing this 1 day training programme you will:

  • Know what is expected in a matrix structure and how to work within one to maximum effect.
  • Understand your own skill set in this new context and identify development areas.
  • Be more equipped to influence resource allocation and decision making.
  • Be clear on how to plan and prioritise projects and resources.

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