Leading & managing through cultural change

A change in corporate culture can be a positive, but challenging experience. Old ways of doing things have to be modified or changed completely to execute the new strategies and meet new objectives. Being a versatile and effective leader through this period can be personally challenging.


“A strong corporate culture is the invisible hand which guides how things are done in an organisation. The phrase, ‘you just can’t do that here,’ is extremely powerful: more so than written rules or policy manuals.”

Andrew S Grove, former CEO, Intel

This two-day workshop is designed for those leaders and managers who have had previous leadership training, but would now like to revisit and review their leadership style in the context of leading others through a cultural change.

Key topics
  • Corporate cultures – what are they, how do we identify one?
  • Types of culture – Models of Handy, Schein, Cooke and others.
  • Values and culture – the interplay.
  • What culture were we? What culture are we? What culture are we building?
  • International cultures – national culture and corporate culture – the relationship and intangible effects.
  • Personality type and culture.
  • The Inside Out Model – cultural versatility and awareness.
  • The Cultural Web – the interaction of key factors which influence an organisation’s culture – creating the stories, rituals, routines, symbols, structures, systems etc. which build the desired culture.
  • Cultural Change Mapping – a visual story board of the desired change and journey towards it.
  • Personal and departmental action planning.
Programme duration

2 nonconsecutive days.

Who should attend

Managers and leaders responsible for generating the desired change, and individuals with a passion and interest in helping the organisation adopt the new culture.


On completion of this programme, participants will have:

  • An increased understanding of the importance and nature of “culture”.
  • A clear idea of the tangible and visual representations of the current and desired culture.
  • A refreshed look at the leadership competencies in the context of leading a cultural change.
  • An action plan of positive change projects for the individual and department.

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