Leading and managing

Whilst some people are ‘natural leaders’, most find leading and managing to be a challenging experience for which they have had little preparation. We believe that clear leadership and effective management skills can be developed and don’t require a ‘gift for leadership’.


“Treat employees like partners and they act like partners.”

Fred Allen, Chairman, Pitney-Bowes

Programme structure

Leading and managing is structured into four nonconsecutive full-day sessions. There is a pre-programme of self- and manager-assessment – so that the programme properly targets the areas which you and your organisation needs to develop. Includes personality profile – all delegates receive an Insights® personality profile, to help them better understand themselves and how they interact with others. Leading and managing is aimed at the middle-manager level, those new to their role, or those who have been performing their role for a while without formal training.

It is designed to help you:

  • Establish a clear platform for development.
  • Get clear about the most helpful and effective approach to being a manager.
  • Take a simple yet focused approach to planning that can be used for planning anything from meetings to projects.
  • Understand and use your Insights® profile to good business effect.
  • Value different behaviours, approaches and styles.
  • Look afresh at your area of responsibility and see what improvements an innovative approach can make – improvements with bottom-line impact.
  • Create a sense of ownership and being valued in your team.
  • Recognise what’s important, and prioritise accordingly.
  • Get clear about what matters to you, for yourself and your team.
  • Be more effective with people at all levels.
  • Define where and how you add value to through your role.
  • Adopt an approach to delegation that stops you thinking “It’s quicker/easier to do this myself!”
  • Understand the value of coaching in your role.
  • Identify opportunities to take a coaching approach to managing.
  • Learn to refine your listening skills.
  • Give and receive effective feedback.
  • Understand how to ask relevant and useful questions.
  • Develop confidence in your communication style.
  • Understand how to structure communication effectively.
  • Use a solid, rigorous approach to review your own development.
  • Structure and make an effective presentation.
Programme duration

Leading and managing is structured into four nonconsecutive full-day sessions.

Programme content
  • How do I move forward and from where.
  • Ownership and responsibility.
  • Leadership and management: aspects of my role.
  • Purposeful goalsetting.
  • Planning.
  • Insights Discovery® profile.
  • Business improvement projects.
  • A methodology for defining and assessing business improvements.
  • Self-management and organisation: values and prioritising.
  • Critical results: what do I really deliver and how do I get those results with and through others.
  • Effective delegation process.
  • Coaching skills: listening, feedback and asking questions.
  • Good communication at work.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Final presentations and celebrations: refining presentation skills.
  • Tracking, recognising and valuing achievement.

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