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Certificate in International Communication

Communicate clearly and successfully with your international colleagues. Make sure you can build sustainable and profitable business relationships across countries and cultures, by attending this unique training programme for international business professionals.


“The ability to express an idea is well nigh as important as the idea itself.”

Bernard Baruch

Increasingly, successful international careers and business relationships depend on the ability to navigate both organisational and national cultural differences, as well as communicating clearly in English. Non-native speakers often report that communication among themselves in English is not an issue, yet understanding their native-speaker counterparts can be challenging and often hinders business relationships. This workshop will also increase your awareness of the potential language pitfalls and help you to avoid them. It will also increase your cultural awareness not only to avoid misunderstandings but also to make the most of cultural differences in order to develop competitive advantage and stronger business relationships.

This programme goes deeper than just the “tip of the cultural iceberg” – It is also designed to help individuals understand the cultural influences on their own lives, and how those can create barriers and opportunities in international settings. During the programme each delegate benefits from completing a cultural profiling tool, and can focus on a country/countries of their choice for comparison and analysis. The outcome of the 2 day workshop is a greater understanding and awareness of cultural barriers, and an increased proficiency to navigate cultural differences. Following the workshop there is an optional 90-day period of Action Learning, culminating in a written paper or presentation, which can earn 20 postgraduate credits from Middlesex University.

National Culture

Each delegate completes an IAP profile, prior to the workshop and receives their results during Day 1. The IAP is a world renowned tool, published by THT Consulting. Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner are leading international figures in the field of cultural awareness. Our Programme Director is a licensee of the THT IAP profiler and all trainers of this programme have been fully trained in the 7 Dimensions and IAP profiler.

During the workshop each delegate will get the opportunity to focus on the country/countries of their choice. Delegates will be shown how to compare their cultural profile to the profile of the chosen country and how to identify behavior and attitudes that may be culturally different to their own, and thus find ways to be more culturally sensitive to their business counterparts. This increase in cultural self-awareness will improve business relationships and avoid communication break-downs in cross-cultural business meetings and teams. The profiling tool used is the world-renown THT 7 Dimensions of Culture.

The workshop

Day 1 Day 2
International Communication – our own contexts Mini-presentations and discussion – comparing communication styles and cultural paradigms of different countries
Critical Incident Analysis – identifying cultural differences and misunderstandings by reviewing experience Communication preferences across cultures in business functions – presentations, meetings etc.
Culture and Communication – the connection and consequences – THT 7 Dimensions of Culture Multicultural team-working – reviewing the benefits of having multicultural teams, and overcoming cultural challenges within teams
Cultural Profiling – the Intercultural Awareness Profiler tool, its purpose and application Virtual Communication – knowing how to be more effective and in control in virtual communication
The Inside-out model for awareness in International Communication English for international executives – knowing how native speakers should modify their language to accommodate non-native speakers
Corporate Culture – what is it, what does it look like and its implications for communication International conferences and networking – making the most of international connections
Post session assignment: Prepare a mini-presentation comparing your profile to the country of your choice Action planning for International Communication Question and 90 day post-course research/ Action planning for organizational or personal change
Corporate Culture

In addition to looking at national culture, the workshop looks at the THT model of corporate/organisational culture. The culture of an organisation can also affect successful communication between teams. We look at different types of corporate/organisational culture, and compare cultures of known organisations to our own preferences. This increased awareness helps us navigate through tricky cultures with more confidence. This analysis can be particularly helpful for those working with corporate/organisational cultures different to their own, or to their own preference, perhaps in merger, acquisition or outsourcing arrangements. Those with influence over their corporate culture will benefit from knowing how they can improve communication for the benefit of their organization, and those working within corporate cultures will know how to navigate through for the best outcome.

The International Communication Question

As an option for those individuals or organisations who want assistance with embedding the learning from the programme, and an additional benefit of 20 postgraduate credits, True North can support you through a period of Action Learning, culminating in a written ICQ (International Communication Question).

The ICQ will be based on the delegate’s application of cross-cultural learning in a real business context.

This might include, for example:

  • International business negotiation.
  • Participating in or chairing international meetings.
  • Informal business conversations.
  • Forming business partnerships.
  • Collaborative project working.
  • Cross cultural working.
  • Leading in an international context.
  • Presenting to international audience.
  • International business development.
  • International HR management.
  • The ICQ is completed over a period of approximately 3-4 months will complete a paper of approximately 3,500 words which is assessed for evidence of:
  • Research related to an work based challenge or question (context).
  • Application of their language skills in this context.
  • Reflection on their learning.

N.B. The ICQ is optional, delegates are welcome to attend the workshop only.

Assuming the paper meets the assessment criteria Middlesex University will award a 20 postgraduate level credit certificate to the individual. There are also other accreditation routes available with the IMCA (International Management Centres Association) which can lead to a full Masters qualification. If this alternate route would interest you, please let us know.


2-day workshop only:

£475 + VAT
this includes your own IAP and 7 Dimensions booklet

90 day ICQ Action Learning Programme:
£1475 + VAT


  • The 2 day workshop fees.
  • Your IAP profile.
  • 7 Dimensions booklet.
  • 2 hour 1:1 or small group virtual training session on Action Learning techniques and approaches.
  • 3 individual 1 hour coaching sessions from a member of the Abbey Communication faculty.
  • Membership of a virtual learning set supported by Abbey Communication.
  • A comprehensive Action Learning workbook.
  • 2 research and paper review sessions with Dr Richard Hale representing Middlesex University.
  • 3 draft paper reviews.
  • Free access to on-line research papers and specialist books.
  • A transcript of your credits.


2015 Workshop dates, please choose one pair of dates from the following:

12th and 13th February

24th and 25th March

5th and 6th May

15th and 16th September

The 2 day workshop is held in the beautiful Cotswold town of Malmesbury, and we can either accommodate you in a local Bed and Breakfast at around £45 per night or we recommend the Old Bell Hotel (

To apply for this programme, please send an email to the True North office at stating your name, your organisation, your reason for applying and invoicing contact details.

Alternatively, for an initial discussion please call Alex Morgan, Managing Director, True North GB Ltd on 0845 1305500.

Call us on 0845 130 5500 to find out more or book this programme.

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