Facilitation skills

Getting the most out of people – and getting them to really work together – at meetings, workshops or any collaborative event – isn’t something that’s passive. It takes a mix of skills, including listening, questioning and understanding the individuals involved – and getting them to contribute to the whole.


“In unity there is strength. Consider the fragile snowflake that flutters slowly to earth and disintegrates; however, if enough of them stick together they can paralyse an entire city.”

William Rosenberg, founder, Dunkin’ Donuts

Programme structure

Facilitation skills is a two-day programme, delivered on nonconsecutive days. Includes personality profile – all delegates receive an Insights® personality profile, to help them better understand themselves and how they interact with others.

Facilitation skills is aimed at:

  • Anyone who is called on to facilitate meetings, whether as part of an initiative like Six Sigma, or as a project manager, part of their perceived role such as HR or training manager or simply as a senior individual.
  • Anyone who needs to understand meeting process and management.

It is designed to help you:

  • Be a confident, effective facilitator, able to work effectively with any group.
  • Recognise the way a facilitator affects the group.
  • Engage with the individuals present.
  • Ask good, strong penetrating questions.
  • Prompt focused thinking.
  • Unearth issues.
  • Allow individuals to speak openly and honestly.
  • Differentiate between the meeting process and the subject matter.
  • Be able to distinguish between leading the project/discussion and facilitating the outcome,
  • Understand the root of other people’s behaviour.
  • Understand the impact of different personality types and different behaviours on a group event.
  • Identify strategies to help you facilitate most effectively.
  • Understand how groups behave.
  • Facilitate effectively with different groups at different stages.
  • Ensure that meetings and workshops run efficiently and effectively.
  • Ensure all contributions are included and valued.

Facilitation skills is a two-day programme.

Programme content
  • A framework for effective interaction.
  • Developing buy-in.
  • Preparing to succeed.
  • State management.
  • Core skills.
  • Listening skills, attitudes and behaviours.
  • What are you listening for?
  • Position and content.
  • Asking appropriate and effective questions.
  • The role of a facilitator.
  • Behavioural preferences.
  • Insights® personality model.
  • Introversion and extraversion.
  • Thinking and feeling.
  • Sensing and intuition.
  • Group dynamics.
  • Mechanics of group interaction.
  • Managing pace.
  • Picking up cues.
  • This programme contains practical facilitation exercises based on real life situations (not role-play).

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