Cultural change

Few things have as dramatic an impact on an organisation’s success as organisational culture. When an organisation has a positive, empowered, creative and open culture, few things can stand in it’s path. Achieving a winning culture is not something to leave to chance – desired values need to be defined, communicated, understood – and, most of all, lived.


“A strong corporate culture is the invisible hand which guides how things are done in an organisation. The phrase, ‘you just can’t do that here,’ is extremely powerful: more so than written rules or policy manuals.”

Andrew S Grove, former CEO, Intel

Programme structure

Cultural change is a powerful programme, designed for those organisations which wish to create a more positive and powerful organisational culture, or address those cultural issues within their organisation which are impeding success. The programme is flexible by nature, adapting to the individual needs of each organisation, with an initial diagnostics stage which defines the issues and allows the best solutions to be planned.

True North typically works through the steps outlined in our programme structure, although the sequence varies for each organisation, fully taking into account any unique circumstances. Regardless of how the final programme is structured, what emerges is a strong, consistent company culture, aligned with defined corporate values and fully understood throughout all levels of the organisation.

This programme is aimed, in the first instance, at those senior teams wishing to introduce a culture change; more staff throughout the organisation will be involved in the broader diagnosis.

Programme duration

This is flexible, as this is highly dependent on the size of the organisation. For most organisations, the initial diagnostics take around 4-6 nonconsecutive days; the subsequent planning takes a similar time. Implementation varies according to the outcome of the initial analysis.

Programme content


  • Defining the current culture.
  • Cultural mapping.
  • Identifying the desired culture.
  • Articulating the vision.
  • Gap analysis.


  • Surfacing those values which will underpin the culture.
  • Mapping how the culture will impact the organisation.
  • Developing approaches which bring the culture to life, through actions such as living the values, story-telling, new rituals and changing the environment.


  • Create the strategy and plans to achieve the desired culture, including:
  • Communications.
  • Managing risk.
  • Gaining commitment.
  • Measures to monitor the change.
  • Creating an integrated change programme.
  • Integrating the culture with current initiatives.

The change programme is shaped individually for each organisation. This includes:

  • Team development at one or more levels in the business.
  • Management skills development.
  • One-on-one coaching.
  • Personality-profiling.
  • ‘Understanding the culture and values workshops’ for all staff.

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