Coaching skills for directors and managers

A powerful learning programme which will help managers to utilise coaching skills and techniques in order to get more from themselves – and from their teams.

coaching skills

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”


The most effective managers are effective coaches.

Coaching doesn’t just teach people to fish – it teaches them to want to fish, and to want to excel at it. Coaching is one of today’s most important management skills. Coaching is the key to getting the best from your team – helping them to help themselves, by guiding, steering and encouraging.

Programme structure

Some self-paced materials are provided prior to the first session and coaching assignments are set between sessions. In addition, delegates are encouraged to seek assistance, outside the sessions, with coaching issues as they arise.

Coaching skills for directors and managers is for those managers who want to develop their coaching skills, with the goal of significant performance-improvement within their teams. It is suitable for all levels of management.

Programme duration

Coaching skills for directors and managers is structured into four nonconsecutive full-day sessions.

Programme content

Coaching Skills for Directors and Managers is delivered as a stimulating blend of both methodology and practice.

It covers:

  • Creating the best environment for effective coaching.
  • The differences between listening and hearing.
  • Verbal language and body language.
  • How people acknowledge and respond to coaching.
  • Questioning techniques and strategies.
  • Comparing coaching to mentoring and facilitation.
  • Barriers to effective coaching.
  • The role of coaching in management and leadership.
  • Team coaching.

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