Valerie Schuch

Valerie Schuch

Valerie Schuch

Executive Coach, L&D Consultant, Facilitator

Valerie has been working as a freelance L&D consultant, coach, trainer & facilitator for over twenty years – supporting individuals & teams in enjoying the process of positive, meaningful change (in both their personal and professional development). She is an experienced coach – working with leaders and teams at all levels – and a highly skilled facilitator of workshops, management and leadership development programmes, creative learning experiences and conferences.

Valerie helps senior leaders, managers and teams explore ways to lead themselves and others more effectively – by understanding how to work with, channel and apply their natural inner wisdom and creative intelligence, for good purpose. She provides top leaders and teams with the space, tools and processes to help them think clearly, stop/reflect/review, question and stay on track with what really matters. This includes effective ways to handle challenges, proactively approach important issues, manage their own health and well-being, lead/manage/engage with others effectively, build co-operative and collaborative working relationships (full of goodwill), and powerful practices to achieve their desired results.

Valerie’s natural ability to connect with people and put them at ease, creates an environment where questioning what works, what doesn’t and how things could be better, can be explored in very powerful, authentic and inspiring ways. She encourages people to question the ‘quality of relationship’ they have with themselves, other people, what they do and how they do it. Val inspires, demonstrates and promotes truly collaborative relationships, based on quality communication, engagement and the real essence of win/win.

Clients include: Britannia/CFS, VoiceAbiliy, UCL, The Body Shop, Blockbusters, GlaxoSmithKline, BP, BT, Investors In People, Tate, Hilton Hotel, the MOD, Royal Mail, & the Centre for Excellence in Leadership, as well as numerous SME’s and charities/non-profits.

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