True North Coaching – Our philosophy and approach

Performance coaching can be effectively deployed in a wide variety of situations in today’s business world.

Our coaching helps individuals, teams and organisations develop effective behaviours which lead to outstanding results and which:

  • Help individuals and teams break through performance barriers.
  • Develop individual careers.
  • Harness the talent of people in organisations to implement challenging business plans.

We believe there is unlimited potential in everyone to improve personal and leadership effectiveness.

We coach both groups and individuals, helping each to decide what their desired outcomes are, ensure the outcomes are well formed and sustainable, and that they are able to work towards them in a compelling and motivating way. Our clients include senior executives in large organisations, directors of medium sized enterprises and individuals who wish to achieve positive change in their career. We help individuals develop their communication skills and overcome any limiting beliefs that hold them back. Often the coaching is situational specific, where we might look specifically at developing confidence and competence in a certain skill area like delivering presentations, speaking to large groups, managing difficult team members or maintaining a client relationship.

If you are expecting to be ‘told’ what to do then you are in for a big surprise with True North.

We start from the premise that your organisation and the people within it already have invaluable experience, skills and knowledge which could be used to achieve greater performance. We focus on the practical realities, the behaviours and the actual and desired results you and your organisation aspire to. We are effective in helping people identify winning strategies, develop successful behaviours and implement the right activities. Our approach to coaching leaves a legacy. It is by nature empowering and sustainable, those being coached are encouraged to develop their ability to self-coach and improve their own performance even when the coach is not present.

Our lead coaches are qualified to postgraduate level in coaching, hold Masters degrees, and are Master Practitioners of NLP. They all have significant senior business level experience in international contexts.

Whilst the coaches selected to work with each client are selected primarily on their coaching skills; we also strive to match on chemistry, the likely ability to get on with those within your organisation, and thirdly, where a degree of mentoring may be required, we seek to match on domain experience and skills.

What can we expect?

With coaching, like most other things in life, what you get out will depend on what you put in! It’s reasonable to expect a change in your behaviours and activities from the very first intervention if you are committed to making an improvement.

We usually start our coaching programmes with a psychometric profiling tool, such as a Personality Profile, Values and Motives Inventory, Occupational Interest Profile, or Impact and Influence Questionnaire. These tools provide interesting feedback, which enhances the coaching outcomes. The most appropriate profile is selected jointly with the client, and the client receives the full written report and feedback coaching. If the client’s company use their own profiling tools, we can integrate those tools into our coaching process.

The diagram here illustrates the range of typical development interactions. True North coaching typically focuses very much at the top of the spectrum, although when mentoring we will often operate in the centre.

Our coaching style includes all the best ingredients from NLP and Performance Coaching techniques, and is flexible to meet the needs of the clients.

We help clients to:

  • Become highly effective communicators.
  • Get clear on priorities.
  • Make decisions.
  • Develop a positive personal presence.
  • Deal with difficult people.
  • Understand personality clashes.
  • Generate creative ideas.
  • Reach practical solutions.
  • Achieve positive and motivating action plans.
  • Align personal values to their working life.
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