Triumph Structures Thailand

Leadership Development Programme

Triumph Group

The Situation

After putting a new leadership team in place, TST asked TrueNorth to assist in improving the leadership skills in the team, as well as communication and information flows within the team and throughout the wider organisation.


TrueNorth delivered four workshops between May and November 2018 providing practical tools and techniques including:

• Insights Discovery (personality profiles and team communication)

• Intercultural awareness profiles so that the team can understand and embrace cultural differences

• Dilemma Resolution and Problem Solving

• Coaching Skills

• A practical vision and “Flight Plan” for the future

The Result

The increased understanding of individual personality styles and intercultural dynamics led to the production of a team charter with team goals resulting in more open, honest and productive communication.

The team re-engaged with the Triumph core values, desired behaviours and attitudes with a view to making Triumph Thailand a great place to work. The team also created a clear “Flight Plan” for future priorities and activities.

A succession plan was created, along with career and personal development programmes addressing the concerns about retention.

A coaching style was adopted to enable direct reports to become more autonomous and take better decisions.

Business dilemmas were solved with real beneficial outcomes.

“By far in my career the best training course and I’ve attended many.”

Jim Holt

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