Stibo Systems (Scenario 2)

Stibo Systems (Scenario 2)

Mid Level Management Translating Strategy into Sustained Operational Action

Stibo Data Management have seen explosive growth over the past few years, seeing growth by 350% in some regions over the past 18 months.


The situation

This growth consequently changed Stibo’s whole way of working not only with their clients, but has put incredible strain on the internal workings of the company.

This new focus requires not only technical ability for customer savvy employees with an ability to be agile, customer centric and change their whole way of working.

There has been a vast recruitment campaign over the past 18 months, now mixing longer standing employees with new, bringing with it an opportunity to blend and leverage this diverse mix.

Building on from the work with the SMT. Through the rapid growth, hiring and focus on new business it became apparent that there needed to be a focus on how this had impacted the company internally.

The solution

Working closely with Senior VP UK created a steering group consisting of mid-management and key customer facing professionals. These were to become the voices of the business, as well as pull together key areas of focus.

We ran a series of sessions focused on bringing the strategy alive.

A key component was to unfold key obstacles which resulted in discussing the real issues, and how they could work together to getting the resolved.

A key element becomes how to communicate better with SMT, and how to steer some of their decision making, especially when sustained implementation was discussed.

Created sub groups and a ‘peer coaching’ model, to encourage discussions and brainstorming outside the sessions.

Provided one to one executive coaching for some of the team, providing an opportunity to work through issues and situations at a more micro and sensitive level.

Difference this made

Focused on the root cause, getting everybody on board and motivated (this was very mixed at the beginning).

Aligned thinking and aligned solutions to key issues across the UK and EMEA.

Established a consistent work practice, which has become a way of working throughout the internal teams.

Resulting in

Significantly increased employee engagement through push back, clarity and direction.

Increased employee effectiveness, both how they work internally and dramatically changing the way they work together and with clients. For the first time strategic issues have been owned and driven but others outside the SMT.

Commenced the creation of a more agile workforce leveraging skills and abilities throughout the company, resulting in maximizing commercial value per head.

Increased employee morale, due to individual’s feeling empowered, challenged and opening a direct communication channel into the SMT.

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