Stibo Systems (Scenario 1)

Stibo Systems (Scenario 1)

Highly Effective Senior Management Team

Stibo Data Management have seen explosive growth over the past few years, seeing growth by 350% in some regions over the past 18 months. This growth consequently changed Stibo’s whole way of working with their clients, requiring not only technical ability for customer savvy employees with an ability to be agile, customer centric and change their whole way of working.


The situation

SMT (senior management team) consequently needed to be more ‘on the business’ instead of ‘in the business’. Having previously worked in silos the senior team now needed to work together on common challenges this has created, pulling apart historical work practice and bringing together diverse personalities, diverse cultural and professional backgrounds

There was an urgent requirement to define direction, a common approach and aligned communication and practice as well as maintain commercial and customer focus.

The SMT needed to work together to be more open, park and compromise some of their own local requirements in order to create a more flexible force that had strong leadership.

The solution

Working closely with Senior VP UK and European peers, holding team sessions to define strategic focus and senior management practice.

Unfolding key obstacles which resulted in discussing the real issues, and how they could work together to get them resolved.

Created a ‘peer coaching’ model, to encourage discussions and brainstorming outside the sessions.

Providing one to one executive coaching, providing an opportunity to work through issues and situations at a more micro and sensitive level.

Difference this made

Team sessions

Aligned thinking and aligned solutions to key issues across EMEA

Established management coaching practice amongst the SMT.

Coaching behavior role modeled and pushed down throughout other levels of management

Resulting in

Significantly increased employee productivity through clarity and direction.

Increased employee effectiveness, both how they work internally and dramatically changing the way they work with key clients.

Commenced the creation of a more agile workforce leveraging skills and abilities throughout the company, resulting in maximizing commercial value per head.

Increased employee morale, due to a more coaching approach, joined up working practice, stronger EMEA wide work practice.

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