Selling solutions

Yesterday’s ‘hard-sell’ sales techniques are obsolete. Customers today demand solutions which precisely fit their actual needs. To be really successful, salespeople need to listen and work with customers, explore those needs and recommend innovative and relevant solutions.

selling solutions

“Stop selling. Start helping.”

Zig Ziglar

The most effective salespeople are trusted advisors.
Great solution-sales people are those who are the most effective at helping their customers. They help customers to solve problems and improve profitability. Customers trust them to understand their needs and to deliver real solutions.

Programme structure

Selling solutions is structured into four full-day sessions. Assignments are set between sessions. In addition, delegates are encouraged to seek assistance, outside the sessions, with sales issues as they arise.

Selling solutions is for those already in a sales role, whose customers are seeking solutions (rather than ‘products’) even if those solutions comprise a mix of standard products.

It is especially for those who wish to:

  • Increase their conversion rate.
  • Improve repeat and referral business.

It is designed to help you:

  • Better explore and understand customers’ needs.
  • Develop questioning techniques which help customers to understand their needs – and the business impact of not addressing those needs.
  • Better demonstrate value to the business.
  • Minimise and better handle objections.
  • Understand why traditional approaches to ‘closing’ are fraught with danger.
Programme duration

Selling solutions is structured into four full-day sessions.

Programme content
  • Paradigms in selling.
  • Preliminaries.
  • Questioning skills.
  • A framework for selling.
  • Uncovering true needs.
  • Customer issues.
  • Questioning skills.
  • Managing sales meetings.
  • Following buyer interest.
  • Understanding behaviours.
  • Adapting to and connecting to different ‘types’.
  • Targeting your market.
  • Root cause and objections.
  • Refining questions.
  • Commitment to buy.
  • Leveraging a sales legacy.

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