Hilary Dunstan


Hilary Dunstan

Executive coach & facilitator

Hilary Dunstan is a highly successful, commercially experienced and reputable Executive Coach & Facilitator. Her interventions have a powerful and sustaining impact on her clients, and feedback often infers her coaching has been the catalyst to ensuring key and critical next steps.

Working both in Europe and internationally her business experience is extensive, heading up EMEA-wide line and matrix functions, including key positions in HRD, Sales & Marketing, and Technology, and holding key roles in Line Management and as a Senior Executive. Her work has sustainable positive impact especially in areas of Diversity, especially when working with women in leadership and career progression, whether attracting and retaining high potentials, or career progression within organisations.

Finely balancing support and knowledge with challenge and focus Hilary enables clients to be both equipped and motivated when turning areas into action, with sustained results.

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive Coaching, & Mentoring: Senior Executives & Key Professionals.
  • Management and Leadership: Driving performance through leadership & management skills, including strategy planning, communication, influencing internally, managing upwards etc.
  • Team Performance & Coaching: Board and senior teams, restructured and functional teams, performance and regrouping functions/teams focussed on key areas, e.g. influencing internal stakeholders.
  • High Potentials, including Women in Leadership: Coach/facilitate collectively and individually high potentials around career development, overcoming potential obstacles and making challenges into opportunities. The focus is on maximising potential and influencing effectively throughout the organisation.
  • Succession Planning & Talent Management: Partnering with HRD to strategically align and successfully embed frameworks, resulting in execution of high potential programmes, coaching and mentoring programmes.
  • Day to Day Management: Performance appraisals, interviewing and hiring, managing meetings, time management.
  • Change Management: Strategic and operational level, competencies & practical development centres & individual development plans, to training/blended/on job learning solutions and simple measurement to improve performance.

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