Barry Hennessy


Barry Hennessy

Barry has an extensive track record of developing business solutions involving the convergence of people, processes and technology.

His combination of inter-personal skills married with extensive business, technical and commercial knowledge enables him to connect with people throughout organisations, ensuring a consistent approach to the implementation of organisational strategy, team objectives and individual goals.

He has led and been accountable for numerous multi-million pound programmes that have achieved change at organisational, team and individual levels. He has a rare mix of business analysis, technology and leadership skills combined with training and consultancy experience.

Barry has held positions as Director for Service Delivery within The Wilsher Group and Teleeos Services, where he was responsible for method development and deployment, leading major transformation projects in blue chips and SME’s.

Whilst at UniChem he was a lead member of a small team responsible for re-architecting the wholesale business. This programme was an essential stepping-stone for the organisation that has since grown in excess of £7.8 billion.

An accomplished relationship manager, who takes great pleasure from working with True North Clients to develop business opportunities that demonstrably add value to clients, he also instructs on sales programmes for IBM’s business school.

His passion and commitment for working with and through people is demonstrated at all levels through professional executive coaching and facilitation and permeates his private life as a soccer coach.

His ability to inspire, motivate and coach others to high performance has enabled him to help organisations, teams and individuals turn around businesses, projects and their careers.

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